Thursday, December 31, 2015

Photo Number 2113

I looked for some party type photos and didn’t have any luck.  So these are some after the party photos.  These are snapshots from a Flea Market near Grand Rapids Minnesota.
Car and Building Grand R Flea Market
December 1955
Car and Building two Grand R Flea Market
These photos were taken sixty years ago.  I wonder what the story was?
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  1. Bizarre - at first I thought this car reversed into the building - but with the sign wedged in front of the front bumper - I don't thinks so - It's hard to see how it could have flown in from above - there appears to be a house behind the bumper. Most odd! But somehow, people manage this trick:

  2. The driver's door is open, so I'm assuming whoever was driving was not injured. It would be fun to know the story.

  3. Yeah, that's what I'd love to know, too: the back story. Wonder if a peek in the archives for the December 1955 Grand Rapids newspaper would give up any headlines. Or maybe, that's just when the roll of film got developed. Or sent as pics in a letter home, "Hey look what happened at our place?!" Hard to track those things down.

  4. Hard to imagine. Tornado maybe.


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