Sunday, August 30, 2015

Photo Number 2000

Well we made it to 2,000 photos.  To date 232 photos have been returned to relatives.  That is better than 10% so I am pleased with that! 
I wish to thank all the researchers for their help, without their expertise this blog would not exist.
So lets have a virtual cake along with Gramps.
group photo DL ant
group photo DL ant back
Back Row: Ollie holding Betty Kopach, Olga holding Lorraine Kopach, Gramp, Toots, Arthur with Dick Tovson
Front Row: Maurice Leitheiser, Marie Kopoch, Bud Ergelnetsen, “Andy” Ergelnetsen
I bet the name is Engelbretson/Engelbretsen?? Engebretsen.  Engebretson
Sis Olson may have had this photo in her collection. (Shirley Tovson Olson  or Sis)
Might just be a Grandpa with some of his grandchildren…or the neighbor kids came to celebrate!
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Info from an obit from Sallysmom:
Toots, Arthur with Dick Tovson  = Toots was Hazel Klomstad before she married Arthur Tovson. 

Dick was born in 1930 so this photo is probably from 1932-1933
I have had some of these people before.  I have the wedding photo of Dick and Dolly Tovson and two photographs of Toots/Hazel Klomstad's Mother and siblings.  Photos 1589 and 1565

Info from Dr Jeff
That's Engebretsen. A common name here in Norway :)

This photo went Full Circle 159 on August 17, 2017



  2. Congratulations on job well done!

  3. Congratulations on returning 10% of the photos to family members: that's impressive! Well done.

  4. That's Engebretsen. A common name here in Norway :)

  5. 2000!!!! Wowsers!!! :) You've been so faithful to this blog!

  6. Congrats on 2,000 photos! Even better, kudos on your better than ten percent average. You have made a lot of people happy!

    Your project is infectious. When I was down in Florida, I almost stopped in some antique stores in the wild-goose-chase hope that maybe, just maybe, someone would have turned in some photographs from my family. But nothing was open. That place closes up when it's not the tourist season...

  7. Just got a phone call from Bruce, these are his relatives and he lives not too far from me.


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