Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Full Circle 125

This Full Circle began when Iggy (Intense Guy) left a message at Ancestry for a Tree Holder.

The fellow contacted me by email.

Helmer Johnson is my great grandfather on my mom's side.
We have reunions every other year and the next one is August 2016. We are making plans now.
We would be thrilled to get a copy of your photo of him.


Helmer and Laura Wahpeton Antiques Photo Number 1950

Helmer and Laura Johnson  Photo Number 1950

I mailed off the photo.

Jul 20

I received the photo! Thank you so much!

I won't be home until Friday and then I will send you a snail mail thank you!

All the best,


Later he shared:

All I have is the part of the family tree that has Helmer Johnson in it.

The tree has 800+ people in it, mostly Norwegians going back a long ways. All my grandparents were Norwegian immigrants around the turn of the century.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Never in a million years did I expect to help send a "Johnson" home!!


    1. I know ! Chances were slim to none:)

    2. Well, the "Helmer" helped!

      Pretty fast turn around, too :)

  2. Love it , when they get home.

  3. Amazing! They were my Great great grandparents - and Laura resembles several of her grand daughters.

    1. Hi Greg Anderson I can send you an email copy of this photo if you like. Click on the yellow flower to get to my profile page that has my email. Connie


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