Monday, August 17, 2015

Photo Number 1988

This is a snapshot from the Antique Mall in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
Snapshot Homer Alaska DL ant
Snapshot Homer Alaska DL ant back
Homer Alaska July 9, 1950 at the airport, CAA Station in the background.
The CAA was later changed to the FAA (Federal Aviation Association)  but I never found out exactly what CAA stood for.  Iggy may know.
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Update from Sallysmom  Civil Aeronautics Authority


  1. Could it be Civil Aeronautics Authority?

    1. I think Sally's Mom has it.

      There wasn't much in Homer back then... :)

  2. That's what I was going to say... thought that was it. I knew someone involved in CAA.

    After writing all that detail, too bad someone didn't think to include the name!


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