Thursday, August 20, 2015

Photo 1991

This is a snapshot from a Garage Sale near Grand Rapids Minnesota.  The photo is marked 1947 on the back.

Group of gals in parade Grand R Gargae sales 1947

Group of gals in parade Grand R Gargae sales 1947

The sign on the building may say Ford  something??

I think the girls may have been Queen candidates on a float.

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  1. I think the sign says "Ford Frazer Service Station" Frazer's were not made long (1946 - 1951)

    I'm not sure what make the car is - but it is circa 1947 vintage.

  2. Lovely images of a time frozen in history.

  3. I'm sure there are members from four families who would have loved to get their hands on this photo...if only the names were on the back!

    Glad Iggy could decipher that sign...I was hoping it would be the key to figuring out the location for the scene...maybe someone will recognize that old building and speak up :)


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