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Photo Number 1795

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Eva Craigs
The photographer is Davidson of Woodland Cal
Eva Craigs back
Eva Porteus Jackson
(Aunt of Margaret Porteus Krebs Evans)
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Update from Iggy:
Eva J April 22 1867 in New York  - May 28 1943 in Yolo County CA
Evas parents were Simon Porteus and Jane Louise Henigan Porteus

Eva married Andy Jackson  apparently they had no children

Eva had a brother named Clarence George Porteus (1874-1947) who had a daughter named Margaret Jane Porteus Krebs-Evans  1906 - 2002


  1. Eva J. Porteus Jackson (b. Apr. 22, 1867 d. May 28, 1943) is Find A Grave Memorial# 87284969.

    Her niece, the daughter of her brother Clarence George Porteus, Margaret Jayne Porteus Krebs-Evans (1906 - 2002) is Find A Grave Memorial# 87107617.

    Eva's husband, Andy Jackson has his photo on Find A Grave.

    1. It appears Eva and Andy had no children.

      Margaret was married to Howard Franklin Evans (1899 – 1987) and Charles Henry Krebs Jr (1902 – 1952). Margaret died on 20 September 2002 in Sacramento.

    2. Margaret was married to Charles Henry first, and they had a son named Charles Henry (III) (7 Feb 1932 - 19 Jun 1971 in Alameda County, CA). Margaret out-lived both Charles by many years.

  2. That is a fascinating dress. She looks a bit like a float in the Rose Parade.


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