Saturday, January 10, 2015

Photo Number 1792

This is another photo from Craig’s Collection.

Annie Woods and Family Craigs

Annie Woods and Family Craigs Back

(something to light to read maybe) Annie

Mrs Annie Woods and family

Brother Joe Jones and Family

Sterling Colo

There are other Wood/Woods photos from Craig’s Group of photographs.

#1791, #1761, #1547 and #1505

I am not certain of the connection if there is one.

There are also some more Jones photos #1520, #1722 and #1762.

Just my two cents worth…do you notice anything “funny” about this photo?  It is as if a couple of heads have been placed on the adults bodies.   Early photoshop? 

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  1. Yes, I noticed the heads immediately. For the time, the alteration was well done.

  2. Wow! now that you pointed it out.

  3. Al reports that the word that is hard to read is indeed Annie! Thanks Al:)

  4. Wonder why the parents were photoshopped in. Maybe they had passed away without a family portrait.

  5. I was wondering that about the man right away. Didn't seem like he fit in the portrait.

    One thought: earlier photographs seem to have come from studios also advertising artists' services. It seems the artwork was used to add to the photographs? Touch up? Maybe that would include "photoshop" edits of a sort.


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