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Photo Number 1794

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.

Mrs A C Tucker Mc Cloud Ca Craigs

Mrs A C Tucker Mc Cloud Ca Craigs back

There is lots of info on this photo to sort through.

To Mrs A.C. Tucker  McCloud Cal

Then photographer note: CB 16 X 20 –1.98

Remove angry look

Remove bursa from left side of neck

Then at the bottom we have William Campbell (Katherine’s Father)

Now I wonder if Katherine is Mrs. A. C.Tucker?  It looks like the bursa was coved up with beard. As for the angry look?  He doesn’t look to angry to me.

The photograph was taken by a studio in San Francisco.

Mrs A C Tucker Mc Cloud Ca Craigs

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  1. According to the 1900 United States Federal Census, A C Tucker (Jul 1871 in Ohio) is living in Squaw Valley, Siskiyou, California. His wife is K C Tucker (Jun 1874 in California) They were married in 1898.

    K C might be Katherine. I wasn't able to pry out details as to what the initials stood for....

  2. Initials are hard to deal with. Seems to be drawing a blank there, except...well, the "C" in K. C. Tucker's name might represent her maiden name.

    And I found a marriage license on for Albert Coats Tucker and Katherine Bainbridge Campbell, both residents of Oroville in Butte County, California. That's somewhat near Siskiyou County. And the license was dated July 7, 1897...also sorta close. So, Iggy, you might be on to something...

    McCloud, by the way, is in Siskiyou County. That doesn't make things any easier, though. By the 1910 census, Katherine seems to have disappeared, though I can find an Albert Tucker living there with a Kate...but she is his sister, not his wife. He was listed as divorced.

    Probably will get more traction on this search, just concentrating on the dad rather than Katherine.


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