Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photo Number 1786

This is the last of Verniel’s Forgotten Old Photos.
Unknown from  Verniel
We have the same photographer Rex Mc Donald in Wadena Minnesota.  This time it is the Class of 1947.
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  1. I'm thinking these three young women (this and the two previous photos) were childhood classmates. I suspect if someone can get a hold of the 1947-8 yearbook for the most likely high school (I would go with Menahga first since the one woman seems to have come from there...) someone might find her. The upside is that the class of 1947-8 couldn't have been *that* large!!

  2. this is my mother! I would love to have this! Beatrice Korpi (maiden name). Yes, graduated in 1947.

  3. Lori, Contact me through the email in my profile off to the left.

  4. This is Beatrice and I am mailing the photo to Lori today:)


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