Monday, January 19, 2015

Full Circle 104

I am happy to report another Full Circle.

I got an email from Kent.

I came across your blog showing old photos through a contact of mine on
The photo #1730 is of a family member of mine, Grace Janes Hyer. Her
aunt, Grace Janes Cowan is also shown in the picture. Grace Janes Hyer
is my great aunt.
I would much appreciate your assistance in reuniting me with the picture.
You are doing excellent work in providing these picture online.

Craig Aunt Gracie Number 1730

Photo Number 1730

Hi Kent, I am happy to mail you the photo.  I will locate it today and hopefully get it out in the mail on Saturday, if not then Monday for sure.  Our weather is uncertain here in MN and we are expecting a blizzard.

I hope you will share something about Grace Janes Hyer  with me for a Full Circle Post?

So glad to get your email and send this photo home:)  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos

Hi Connie,
Thank you so much for your reply and for mailing the photo.
Grace Janes Hyer was born 13 March 1875 in Pittsboro, Hendricks, Indiana to her father and mother Samuel Janes and Mary Ann (Wells) Janes. Samuel was a Civil War veteran of the union army and later a publisher of the newspaper in Pittsboro. Grace married Charles E. Hyer on 16 February 1903 in Pittsboro. Charlie (as our family called him) was a farmer near Pittsboro. Grace died near Pittsboro on 23 February 1921.
The woman on the right in the photo is Grace (Janes) Cowan. She was an aunt of Grace Janes Hyer and a sister to Samuel Janes. Grace Janes married Frank S. Cowan and they moved to Franklin County, Kansas where they lived until their death.
Thanks again and if I can provide you with more information I will certainly be happy to.

I am not sure who the contact was at ancestry…but thank you!!  You made another Full Circle possible!


  1. Wow! 104 full circles and 1800 photos posted! That's amazing!

  2. shout of joy, love the full circle!

  3. It's amazing how far afield these family photos range. I'm sure Craig found this photo a long way away from the Hyer home in Indiana.


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