Monday, January 26, 2015

Full Circle 105

This Full Circle began just before Christmas.  From time to time I feature photos from readers.  I featured a photo from Al in February of 2011.  Al collects postcards but occasionally runs onto an old photograph that interests him.

Schoellkopf & Co., July 31, 1907

Photo Number 458

Schoellkopf & Co. July 31 1907

Kat did a search and the conversations began.

Dear Far side of Fifty,
I tried to contact you about photo 458 before via your blog homepage but am not sure if it worked, I hope I am not bothering you. I really love your blog that I found by chance while doing a google search!
My husband is interested in genealogy and found out that he is an ancestor of the Jacob Schoellkopf (I think he is his grand grand grand son) who immigrated from Germany to Buffalo and apparently became quite successful. Funnily,  we are living in Germany and I am german. So I was searching for a special present for my husband and did a Google picture search for "Schoellkopf", this is how I found your blog and that nice picture. I think the Schoellkopf on the picture must be the son or great son of the immigrated Jacob Schoellkopf.  You wrote that the photo belongs to your blog reader Al who, as I read in your text , tried to get antique shops interested in it. So I was wondering whether it may be possible to get in touch with Al and see if he would be interested in selling this photography? I know that my husband would love it!
Thanks in advance, and Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2014

I replied: I will forward your request to Al.   I have not heard from him in a while.  Connie

Hi Kat,  I have contacted Al and you should be hearing from him.   Thanks!  Connie at Forgotten Old Photos/Far Side of Fifty

Dec 29, 2014

Hi Kat:
    Your photo is in the mail. I was informed it should take about two weeks for delivery meaning it should arrive about the same time as your mother-in-law. Would you please let Connie and I know when it arrives (the photo, not your mother-in-law) - she likes to keep a record of photos that are safely reunited with their families. Connie does a tremendous job posting all these photos and deserves most of the thanks for this particular photo finding its way back to you.
      I'll wait patiently for word of the photo's arrival and in the meantime: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Dec 29, 2014

Hi Al and Kat,  Good to hear that the photo is making it's way home! 

Thank you Al.  Happy New Year

Dec 30, 2014

Dear Conny and Al,

many thanks to both of you! I am really looking forward to give the photo to my husband! I'll let you know when it arrives.

And happy new year to both of you!


Jan 23 at 4:01 AM

Dear Al,
the photography has arrived yesterday! And it looks great,my husband loves it! I had told my mother in law about it too, she was really excited since she is the one related to the Schoellkopfs.
Thank you so much for being so generous, and best wishes to you and your family!
p.S: And of course thanks to you Conny for posting the picture on your web page!

Jan 23 at 8:51 AM

Hi Kat:
    Glad to hear the photo arrived safely - I was beginning to get a little concerned since it seems ages since I mailed it. Thank you for your good wishes and the same to you and yours.

Jan 23 at 6:21 PM

So glad to hear it arrived!  Thanks Al  I will write a Full Circle Post most likely on Monday!!   Connie

Al and I had a conversation:  I don’t charge people for photos.  I do ask for reimbursement for postage and handling.  Some people send something and some do not.  I left it up to Al  what he wanted to do.  He chose to be generous and mail the photo as an act of kindness.   Thanks Al for making this Full Circle possible!   From Canada to Minnesota to Germany !!


  1. Fantastic! This blog is better than a novel. Thank you Connie and Al - you make people happy.
    Have a great day.

  2. I love hearing about the Ful Circle photographs and the kindness of people. Well done, Al and Connie!

  3. I hope they can determine which person might be their ancestor in that crowd!


  4. Always so happy to see a full circle---Wonderful!

  5. As far as Full Circle stories go, this one must be the tops!


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