Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photo Number 1603

This is another wedding postcard from the antique shop in Elizabeth Minnesota.
Bertha Lardrow  Elizabeth MN
Bertha Jasdrow….related to Herman from yesterday?
Bertha Lardrow  Elizabeth MN
It appears that both wedding photos were taken in the same studio, with the same tiny fur pelt and the same basket of flowers in the background.
Bertha Lardrow back  Elizabeth MN
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Translation from AvA:
This is Berta with her husband. Please give it grandmother.

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  1. Perhaps this is a clue?


  2. June...the month of weddings. Very nice photograph.

  3. This is Berta with her husband. Please give it grandmother.

  4. I'm enjoying all these old wedding photos. Thanks for sharing! ~:)

  5. There is a connection between the Jasdrow and Schauland (Photo 1601) family.

    Note the "Mr. August Jasdrow and Mrs. Wilhelmina Schauland" part:

    "Mrs. Helmine Gollnick was born on the 11th of March, 1835, in Schoenwaldt, West Prussia, Germany. She married Mr. Jasdrow, who lived with her many years, but preceeded her in death at the age of 65 years . In 1892 the deceased immigrated to America and settled on a farm west of Hankinson with her daughter, Mrs. Julius Roeder, where she resided many years.

    On April 13th, 1896, she married Mr. August Gollnick, of Hankinson. Three children of the first union are still living, Mr. August Jasdrow and Mrs. Wilhelmina Schauland live in Germany and Mrs. Julius Roeder in Hankinson.

    Mr. August Gollnick also preceeded her in death on March 7th, 1928. The deceased became ill on the 26th of December and was given Holy Communion by Rev. Meier. Pleurisy was the cause of death on Dec. 30th, at 1 AM.

    Three children and seven grandchildren mourn her death. Funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock in the house and church with Rev. Meier officiating."

    Source - http://archive.org/stream/hankinsonnewsmar19281931coll/hankinsonnewsmar19281931coll_djvu.txt

    1. Hankinson is in Richland County, North Dakota.

    2. Info on Mr. and Mrs. ROEDER in Hankinson, the daughter and the son-in-law of Wilhelmine/Helmine GOLLNICK, ? née SPLITTSTOESSER ?, widowed JASDROW/JASTROW referred to as GRANDMA GOLLNICK and to whom the photos probably were sent to from Germany (see photos number 1601 and 1602):

      LENA ROEDER (*1859/Nov 1860 + 1950) and JULIUS H. ROEDER (*1861 + 1948) married in 1885, were both born in Germany, immigrated both in 1883 (approx. and separate or together?).

      They are buried at the United Cemetery in Hankinson, N.D., the names are on the same headstone for the grave. Find A Grave Memorial# 101914610

      Place of residence is referred to as Brightwood, Elma, Greenfield&Waldo Townships Hankinson village, Richland County North Dakota.

      They had 7 children

      Bertha *1888
      Minnie *1890
      Lydia/ Lida *1893
      Arthur *1895
      Arnold *1897
      Agnes *1899
      Rheinhold/ Rhinhold *1903


      BERTHA ROEDER (* Oct.1888/ 1887 in North Dakota + 1970) married in 1906 EDWIN A. PANKOW (1883 +1961). They are also buried together at the United Cemetery in Hankinson, North Dakota. Find A Grave Memorial# 101775291


      MINNIE MATHILDA ROEDER (*Nov 1890 +1956) married HERMAN N. MEDENWALDT (*1886 +1967). Find A Grave memorial# 47596303 and #101853943, buried together at the United Cemetery in Hankinson, N.D.

      There are two daughters on the same cemetery:

      Sadie Agnes Erna Medenwaldt BUCKHAUS (*1914 + 2011) Memorial# 67588899
      Marcella Jane Medenwaldt (*1933 +1934) Memorial# 107887039





      A member of Find A Grave -NDTerri- seems to have family ties to the Medenwaldts. I left her a message informing her about this blog and the photos. :-))

    3. Photo Number 1597 may also be "in this family" Mueller - Muehler?

  6. I heard from Karen the photos will be mailed on Monday:)


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