Saturday, June 14, 2014

Photo Number 1600

This is a wedding photo from the antique shop in Parkers Prairie Minnesota.

mr and Mrs henry Sande  Parkers Prairie

The bride has a corsage, flowers in her hair and a bouquet…it must have been a spring or summer wedding.  Her gown looks late 1920’s -1930’s to me.

mr and Mrs henry Sande back Parkers Prairie


Mr + Mrs Harry Sande

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  1. I wonder why in those days the bride was always standing and the groom always sitting? Lovely picture though.

  2. He looks much older then her.

  3. Such elegant flowers! Love to you and FG (and Chance).

  4. There are a few Harry/Harold Sande links I found on One that piqued my interest is for a couple that was married in Giscome, B.C. in 1922. Both the bride and groom were born in Minnesota, making it a connection to why the photo could be here. I will send a message to the tree owner to see if this could possibly be their relative. ~Abra

  5. Actually, the date was 1927, and she was 18, he 24.

  6. A little more looking through the particular Harold Sande ancestry information finds that he lived in Nevis when he was two, though he was born in Benson MN, but his father had also lived in Gilchrist, Pope County, when he was 18, so again, several likely MN connections. The family was living in 1916. I hope this turns out to be a fruitful lead, as there appear to be many parallels to timeframe and location.

  7. Looks like Abra is weaving her magic. :)


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