Sunday, June 1, 2014

Photo Number 1589

It has become a tradition for me to present wedding photographs throughout the month of June.  This year we have more names on wedding photos than other years.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy collecting them.

Dolly and Dick Tovson  DL Ant

This is the entire wedding party of Dick and Dolly Tovson.  This photo was found at the Detroit Lakes Antique shop.

Dolly and Dick Tovson two DL Ant

Here they are cutting their wedding cake.

Dolly and Dick Tovson  back DL Ant

Dolly and Dick were married June 30, 1949 at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Audubon, Minnesota. ( Info taken from Dick’s Obituary)  Dick Tovson  January 24, 1930 to March 10, 2010

So they were married 60 years.

Relatives of this couple have been contacted with no response.  Photo Number 1565

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  1. Such a handsome couple.
    The bridesmaids' hats look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm!

  2. Priceless photos! I love the bride's veil headpiece.

  3. That makes me so sad. I hope they will be found.

  4. How sad to see this wedding set...hope it doesn't remain unclaimed for long!


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