Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo Number 1594

This is a wedding Real Photo Postcard from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes.Elfred and Clara Strand Postcard DL Ant

I looked at this photo for some time, I think she has some kind of black net thingy on her head. She has a lovely bouquet of flowers.

Elfred and Clara Strand Postcard back DL Ant

Elfred and Clara Strand  I suspect his name was Alfred.

This is a VITAVA postcard and they were used from 1925 to 1934

There are four Clara Strands buried at the Blooming Prairie Cemetery…your guess is as good as mine which one is correct…and it could be another Clara buried elsewhere.  Although there is a Alfred buried at that cemetery also.

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  1. Handsome couple.

  2. Could have been a twin--I knew twin boys name Elbert and Albert

  3. This is so strange to read the name Clara Strand. That is the name of the woman who married my husband's uncle--in Chicago. I never could find any documentation of her before her marriage. Of course, it isn't the same as this family, but it was startling to see her name in your post here.


    They were married on September 16, 1925. Your photo dating is spot on!

  5. I found a wedding newspaper announcement on for Calmer strand, son of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Strand. Research finds they had a son named Kalmer/Calmer in 1926. I did find one public family tree and sent a message to the owner. ~Abra

  6. I got an email from Jennie today:
    I am contacting you on behalf of my parents Vern and Dee Strand.

    The photo of Elfred And Clara Strand is a picture of my grandparents. They are my father's parents. My father is 83 years old and their youngest son. My grandfather's name is actually Alfred with an A. They are buried in First Lutheran Cemetery in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.


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