Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Number 1497

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Mrs A A Kellog  Craigs Photos
The Photographer was Rifenburg and Murphy
The back of this card hold a bit of history, and what a treasure it would be to family!
Mrs A A Kellog  back Craigs Photos
Mrs A.A. Kellogg
A great church worker.  She was a Charter member of the First Christian Church of Portland, Oreg.  She taught in the Chinese Mission in Portland.   She was a good christian and a good neighbor.  They came here from Portland and lived on Griffin Creek a few years then returned to Portland.  She died in Portland about 1935, she was about 87 years old when she died. 
From the Collection of Belle True Griffin (Mrs. Henry Griffin)
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Update from Connie:
I found  Amanda A  Kellogg born 1847 died 1935 buried in Lone Fir Cemetery Portland Oregon. 
A note at Find A Grave said Married first to Houston Hembree, one son William Harry Hembree.  Married second to Jason Kellogg 1832 -1904


  1. What a treasure of a photo.

  2. Having a note with all that detail would sure be special for family. Hope this one goes Full Circle!

  3. I think Connie has the right person.


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