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Photo Number 1495

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Ne Meyers Craigs Photos
Brown was the photographer at No. 19 West Main Street Marshalltown, Ia.
A rather severe looking woman, with a lace collar and a brooch, her gown has trims and buttons.  She probably has a hair rat in the front of her hair. Hair rats were usually made of collected hair and then rolled into a shape and then your own hair was rolled and pinned around it.  Hair rats made your hair have more volume.
Ne Meyers back Craigs Photos
N.E. Myers Meyers Age 34  Feb24
Taken May 1891
I wonder what the N stands for?  Nellie, Nettie or Nora?
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Update from Iggy:
Nettie E. Springer (1857 -1931) daughter of A.J.and Cynthia (Weed) Springer married Jesse B. Meyers on December 24, 1873.  They had two daughters Ada I Meyers and Bessie A Meyers.  Bessie A. married Rev. Thomas Hauser.


  1. I definitely do not need a hair rat. My hair is BIG enough!


    Nettie E. Meyers.

  3. I was surprised to see someone had written in the woman's age. I thought that was a top secret subject back then :)


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