Thursday, February 13, 2014

Photo Number 1487

This is another photo from Craig’s Collection.

Dr and Mrs Joe Burley  CP

The photographer was  Geo. H. Leck of Lawrence, Mass

Dr and Mrs Joe Burley  back CP

Dr. and Mrs. Joe Burley

This might be an engagement photo, I don’t think it is a wedding photo..but it could be.  I think it may have been taken around 1905 give or take a few years.

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  1. "Photographer George H. Leck took the photos taken during the years 1923 and 1924. He also took 16 images of an ice storm that occurred Nov. 29, 1921. All of Mr. Leck’s photographs were backed on fabric rather than just paper. The photos from other years developed on paper alone." [caption to "Street Scenes 1921-1931 (Lawrence, Massachusetts)]

    "Quite a number of Victorian-era photographers in the US made these [portrait] stamps available to their clients in the late 1880s and 1890s. George H. Leck, of Lawrence, was one of those photographers." [notation of photo researcher]

  2. Joseph P. Burley in the 1940 Census.
    Estimated birth year: 1900.
    Residence: Newton City, Middlesex, Massachusetts
    Spouse: Ida Burley

    1. That Joseph was a laborer. We are looking for a Joseph that was a Doctor..perhaps the Father.

    2. Perhaps this is Josiah D Burley (b. c. 1869 in New Hampshire) with his wife Bernice M Buell; he was a Dentist living in nearby Methuen, MA.

    3. The age would make him a possibility. Thanks!


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