Sunday, February 2, 2014

Photo Number 1476

Edna St. Clair most likely was a student at Miami University in Oxford Ohio. These may be some of her friends

1476 A

Yours forever Bob

To Edna yours forever Bob

Yours forever Bob back

To Edna St. Clair Octobver 3rd 1927 Oxford Ohio Miami University from Bob St. Clair

off to the side is another name Howard Shanting

1476 B

With Love Joyce

With Love Joyce

With Love Joyce back

Joyce Corfield Lakewood, O. Sophomore

1476 C

All my love Don

All my love Don

All my love Don back

To my sweetheart with lots of love Don

1476 D

Eddie with love Doris

Eddie with love Doris

1476 E

Ada Class of 1931

To The dearest “little kid” I know  Love Ada 1931

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  1. Joyce M Corfield (Mar. 22, 1908 in England - Sep. 13, 1999 in Ohio)

    She is listed in the Cleveland, Ohio, City Directory, 1927
    Street Address: 2012 Baxter av L, Cleveland, Ohio
    Occupation: Elevator Operator

    Lakewood, Ohio is a suburb of Cleveland and is in Cuyahoga county.
    On 11 Feb 1939, she married Dr. Ralph W Eddy (28 Apr 1905 in West Virginia - 24 Mar 1986) and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio (1940)

    Find A Grave Memorial# 115898353

    1. Joyce was a member of Sigma Kappa as was Edna St. Clair. They are listed on page 262 of the 1928 Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) yearbook.

      A few pages before that, is Doris Wetzel who I think is the Doris in the photo above.

      Doris Allen nee Wetzel (c. 1907) was the wife of ballplayer Ethan Nathan Allen (who played for Cincinnati and the Philadelphia teams - among others) He later coached at Yale when George Herbert Walker Bush was on the team.

  2. I love the hairstyles. Interesting info from IG, too

  3. To photo 1476 A:

    To me it reads HOWARD SHONTING. His nickname being BOB, because it is written with quotation marks.

    1. This could be him in the photo here. There is a strong resemblance especially ears, nose, shape of the face and eyes. What do you think?

    2. I think the label is misleading. I think it means Bob from the town of St. Clair, which is very close to the town of Oxford.

  4. The hair styles always get my attention. The first guy has a look of, "I'm so cool." :)

  5. Wow, I see Iggy has found a ton of information...I am so behind in my reading! These photos are great to look at, but not very many clues...


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