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Photo Number 1498

This is a photo from Craig’s Collection.
Mother Alviede Peterson  Craigs Photos
The photographer is o.A. Osmonson of Northwood, Iowa.
A lovely young lady with a bit of a Puritan look to her with the ruffled white collar and the huge sleeves.
Mother Alviede Peterson back  Craigs Photos
In pencil very faintly Alvildde Alvilde
Mother Alvilde Peterson Nelson
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Update: Info from Jacqi
Alvilde Marie Peterson Nelson November 15, 1878 in Minnesota, died December 12, 1972 in California.
 1880 Census: Parents are Ole O and Malinda Nelson born in Norway.  Children Sven and Alvilde.
Alvilde married John H Nelson Their children are Marie, Luella, Arnt (1906 -1983), Norman, Gladys, Milo, Joy (1915 -2010, Amy, John (1920 -1999)
They lived in California in the 1950's.


  1. Her name is more likely to be Alvilde - much like my grandmothers name, Alvhild.

    1. Dr. Jeff, I took your hint about the spelling variation and it yielded some productive search results!

    2. So glad I could help :) Hoping for a Full Circle for this one!

  2. She is beautiful.

  3. Could this be your person? Check out this fairly extensive entry at Find A Grave. Also, there is a family tree for this family on, if you are a subscriber there.

  4. I think this is "her". As a young girl she lived in Mower county, which only a short distance away from Northwood, Iowa.

  5. I had a lead on a grandaughter in Oroville CA, I have not heard from her yet.

  6. Susan requested a photo for find a grave it should show up there soon.


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