Friday, February 7, 2014

Photo Number 1481

This is a photo from Katherine’s California Photos.  There are just a few of these unmarked photos that I thought deserved to be shown.

gal graduating Katherines photos

This dress must have been so pretty with a dropped waist and an uneven hemline.  I also enjoyed looking at her shoes which were most likely leather with peek a boo cutouts.  This is more than likely a graduation photograph from the late 1920’s.

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  1. And I bet the watch so proudly displayed was a graduation gift. The bobbed hair is so cute.

  2. Such a beautiful young woman. And the photographer did a good job too. It wouldn't shock me if this was Edna St. Clair.

    1. Might be the same watch as in 1467 -- but no telling.

  3. How pretty! I love everything about this photo!

  4. What a lovely composition. Too bad there wasn't any name on it. If I were this woman's relative, I would just love to have this photograph!

  5. Beautiful dress and dainty shoes.


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