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I received a request to try to find family for something.


I belong to a German Interest Group in Janesville, WI. One of our members has an award (ribbon, I think.) Someone found it on the street and sent it to her. It is old and has information with it. Would it be possible for me to take a photo of it and send the photo and information to you for posting?

The surname is Scheurmann. The ribbon is in gold. There is a photo translating the German on the ribbon, one of the envelope and one giving information about the ribbon from a family member. The envelope is postmarked 1944. I don't think I can give you any more information. As I said, we are just trying to get it back to the rightful family. Do you have any other ideas?  Mary

Here it is.  First the entire ribbon, then the wording, the envelope, a note and the translation.




Miss Alice Scheurmann  311 Driftwood Lane Wilmette Ill  Postmarked in 1944



There is a memo off to the side November 20, 1944-1786 =158 years old. (227 years old now)

This silk ribbon is a family heirloom from October 2, 1786 celebrating the succession of Fred. Whlm II to the throne of Prussia.

Given to Mimm Jones Scheurmann by her Aunt and Uncle Katrina and Karl Mueller who came to Ill in the 1850’s from Prussia, bringing money with them buying farm lands + becoming citizens.  They brought this rare old ribbon among their personal possessions.  Ribbon given to Karl Mueller by his father in Prussia who had been at this celebration as a young officer – 1786.


Here is the translation of what is on the ribbon.

Huldigen – to pay homage to swear allegiance

Come (all) to your kings throne

Swear (conjur up) by the peoples sacred hands

because Friedrich turned the crown over to Friedr. Wilhelm

swear (you??) to be faithful to him

longtime your fervent heart beat for him

know (that) your  solemn oath of allegiance

will be carried by Prussia’s

protective spirit heavenwards

The book of fate (history) lies open

can prophesy you blessings

“You shall be happy for all times to come under Friedrich Wilhelm”

If anyone can help to locate family for this ribbon please leave me a comment or contact me by email, my email is off to the left click on the yellow flower in the sidebar.  I will forward the information to Mary.

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  1. The 1940 US census shows Alice E Scheurmann, Divorced, Age: 3, born abt 1937 living at 311 Dilfewood Lane (Driftwood?), Wilmette, Illinois with Arthur T, age 41 and Minna Clara Scheurmann, widowed (c. 1871)

    Minna is listed in the Evanston, Illinois, City Directory, 1939.

    Minna C Scheurmann, Female, Residence Year: 1939 at 311 Driftwood Lane, Evanston; North Shore, Illinois with spouse Theo Scheurmann.

    Alice is listed in the 1920 and 1930 US censused - born about 1903, so the 1940 US census was messed up. Cook County birth records show her born on 5 Jun 1902 to Theodore Scheurmann and "Mina Tones".,%20Alice&rows=40&sort=dateSort+desc newspaper article shows Alice living at Driftwood Lane.

    There are Scheumanns still living in Wilmette, Illinois - who are likely Alice's brother, Arthur Theodore's children.

    1. I suspect two things:

      1) Alice's mother, Minna C was the original recipient of the ribbon and is addressed as "Mimm Jones Scheurmann" and therefore Aunt Katrina and Uncle Karl Meuller are Alice's "great" aunt and uncle via her mother.

      2) Given Alice and older brother were unmarried as of 1944 (1940 for him), and in their forties at that time - they may not have had any children - but I will keep looking.

  2. That is quite a find. My dad's side of the family came from Prussia with a family of 11 kids. Only a few came over to US.

  3. Alice had a sister named Helen Minna. Unfortunately, she died before 1944. the death record confirms Minna C. Jones and Theodore Scheurmann as the parents.

    Of what became of Alice, I find no trace.


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