Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photo Number 1381

This is a photograph from the Tin Ceiling in Park Rapids Minnesota.

Elden Lousin PR Antiques

A beautiful Art Deco folder/frame from the 1930’s or early 1940’s.  It is from a photographer in Oakland Neb.  Oakland Nebraska is known as the Swedish Capital of Nebraska, its first residents were from Sweden.

This photo has a name.

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Elden Lousin?? Age 1 year

Not much to go on.

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  1. Just a shot in the dark here - There is a Elden L. Koehler listed in the 1930 US Census as 4/12 years old, son of Paul and Esther - living in Craig, Burt, Nebraska, which is about 7 miles from Oakland. I was unable to determine what the "L" in his middle name stood for...This Elden ended up in Ohio. I could discover no tie to "Minnesota."

    There is also an Elden L Hamata (1927) and an Elden L. Farner (1927) for which I cannot determine what their "L" stood for... There are no entries that I can find in Ancestry.Com that would "align" with a surname beginning with "L".

  2. What a cutie! Too bad that second name was so hard to read. I wonder how many one year old Eldens were out there in Oakland, Nebraska, in the 1930s...

  3. Hello!
    The name could be LEUSIN or LEUSINE.
    I am new here and appreciate the work you put into it! Thank you!
    Susanna Rosalie


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