Friday, October 18, 2013

Photo Number 1375

This is a snapshot from the antique shop in Solway Minnesota.

Lady in hat Solway antiques

A lady standing in a yard.  The photo finisher needed more practice.

Lady in hat back Soloway antiques

This is nearly a cartoon isn’t it?  Can you tell who it is?  Sometime we will get some more taken.  I have some that are pretty good of Dad.  Will send them later. I know that you will get them.  ?? has been sick this week.  At last laid up with rheumatism in the left shoulder and arm.  Guess Frank must have exercised it too much or something.  I bet Frank and Myrt will get wed this fall or next spring.

Thanks for dropping by.  Stop by again:)


  1. That photo, while scruffy around the edges, captures some defining essence of the woman - and look at that great expanse of "flat nothingness" behind her!

  2. When I saw all the writing on the back of the picture, I was hoping it would have lots of information...but I guess not. Well, at least a little bit of humor with the cartoon remark...wonder who, where and when???

  3. Interesting photo and message.


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