Friday, October 4, 2013

Photo Number 1361

This is a photograph from the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Man with Moustache and Glasses DL Antiques

A distinguished looking gentleman in a very high collar and white tie.  He sports a pair of Pince nez spectacles. (nose pinch).  I am not sure how that cord/ribbon/chain works, most likely he could stick it in his pocket.

The photographer is Flickinger of Bethlehem PA No. 17 Broad Street near Main Street

I think this photo was most likely taken around 1900.

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  1. Very distinguished looking.

  2. Bethlehem is not far from me and is the home of several schools. I think this might be a graduation shot. Bethlehem (known for its Steel Company - now shutdown) is the home of renown Lehigh University, a very highly regarded engineering school, as well as Moravia College - a theological school.

    If only... I found access to the Lehigh University yearbooks from the years in question!! The school was MUCh smaller back then. But there is a lot to wade through trying to find this guy if he is even in there.

  3. I guess "distinguished" is the word that carries the day. I think Iggy's on to something with that graduation thought.


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