Monday, September 23, 2013

Photo Number 1350

This week we will look at some babies in old baby buggies/carriages/prams.

another buggy PR

A wicker baby carriage with  an older child.  The grass is shorter, then a hedge of sorts and an unkempt area.  This photo was most likely taken 1910-1920.

This photo was purchased at the antique shop in Park Rapids Minnesota.

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  1. Yay! More of my favorite kind of photos!

  2. I love this. That home in the background is interesting too.

  3. I have baby pictures of me sitting out in the yard but they are all blurry. Someone had not figured out the simple focus knob. It really is an older house with the small little rooms.

  4. I'm guessing "it's" a boy - but I wouldn't bet the farm (if I had one) on it.

  5. It's interesting to see this photo. I have one from about the same era from my husband's family. What struck us about our own family's version was that the child in the "baby" carriage was evidently not a baby--about the same size as the child in your photo. Seeing that, our family always laughed about how silly it looked to see the older boy in such an infantile setting--and also recalled the genetic syndrome this branch of the family carried, which made the carrier grow tall prematurely.

    Now that I see your version of this same setting, I am wondering if it was more a case of how people in that era saw baby carriages--not for babies, as we see it now, but for young children as well. What do you think? Is that a possibility?

    1. On some days I think it was easier for women to push around a carriage, especially if she were pregnant with another child. It also kept the toddlers contained and clean if they were going someplace!

  6. Or a worse possibilty is polio... or something like it.


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