Sunday, September 22, 2013

Photo Number 1349

This is a Cabinet Card from Craig’s Collection.
Henny Thomas California
A young man had his photo taken at Yreka Cal by Howell.
Henny Thomas California back
I thought it said Henny Thomas, now I think it must be Henry Thomas.
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Update from Jacqi:
Henry, son of William and Elizabeth, who was born in Yreka in September 1878, who showed up in the California Death Index in Sacramento County is a possibility. 


  1. Handsome young man.

  2. My aunt still writes her r's in the same way. I think because it looked so much like an n that it evolved into today's present written r. Of course the younger people today only print or type it on the internet.

  3. This one might be a challenge to research. Yreka is county seat for Siskiyou County, in the northernmost part of California, up against the Oregon border. The mid to late 1800s presented a variety of attractions to draw people up around Mount Shasta--everything from a Gold Rush to construction of the Central Pacific Railroad to floods of tourists wanting to experience the rugged beauties of the sparsely populated area.

    Even the 1900 census for Siskiyou County showed a twenty-one year old lodger among the three county residents sporting the same name, Henry Thomas. He may have come for adventure or work, and then left when his goal was satisfied. Left for who knows where...

    Or, he could have been a son of an established Yreka family, like William and Elizabeth Thomas, whose son Henry was born in 1878.

    Or perhaps the two were one and the same...

    I'm not as adept at this as Iggy is, but here is my guess:

    There is a Henry, son of William and Elizabeth, who was born in Yreka in September 1878, who showed up in the California Death Index in Sacramento County. A Find A Grave entry confirms this (see here). I'm grateful that the Find A Grave volunteer added just enough info to show that he is a possibility.

    Even better, there are about four or five people on who have posted trees with that same family grouping.

    Maybe. Just maybe ;)

    1. That just might be him! The birth date would fit this fellow. I think this Cabinet Card is from 1890 because of the embossed studio name and location. That would make him 12 in the photo. ..I would have guess he was 15. So all in all it is a possibility. Perhaps someone from Ancestry will confirm it:)

  4. I think if the photo date fits - Jacqi is on to something.


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