Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Photo Number 1337

I have a few more Miss M snapshots.Chas and Peter  Spring 39

Chas and Peter  Spring 39  back

Chas + Peter   Spring of ‘39  Chas and I raked the yard.

He wore a tie to rake the lawn?

Duck Hunting 1939

Duck Hunting 1939 back

Nov 1939 Duck Hunting

It must have been a warm day, wearing short sleeves and all.

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  1. Charles is well-dressed (and clean) for someone that apparently had little. I see a certain pride in his own dignity - but one that allows a certain amount of good humored "fun poking."

    Miss M. is certainly a social dynamo. I wonder just what her relationship with Charles was... I see Nell in the second photo (standing behind Miss M) perhaps looking a little envious?

    Too bad the little girl is not named - she might well be "still around" to tell the story of this gathering.

  2. Looks like Charles is wearing coveralls over his dress clothes - a true gentleman "gardener."


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