Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Number 1335

We continue with the photo that Miss M took. 1938 Summer at Detroit Cottage

1938 Summer at Detroit Cottage  back

1938 Summer at Detroit Cottage.  Charlie had worked all night at brownies.  The people next door had invited the whole congregation of the Swedish church out there.

Detroit Lakes is often called Detroit…or at least it was back in the day.  I think she is differentiating between the cottage at Detroit Lake and Tamarac Lake.

I think her family had hunting property out at Tamarac.

November 1939 Tamarac Marv and Charlie

November 1939 Tamarac Marv and Charlie back

November 1939  Duck Hunting at Tamarac   Marv and Charlie

I am thinking that Charlie was not much of a hunter.  Marv was.  I think, and I stress think that our Miss M is Marv. short for Marvel  or Marcella Vivian or something else???  Perhaps her Mom wrote on the back of this photo?

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  1. I love all these pics.

  2. Brownies? as in Brownies Root Beer?

  3. I found a mention of "Brownie's" of Detroit Lakes - "John N. Huss Beverages, Confectionery, & Restaurant 1938-1958" it was owned by John N. Huss of 205 Park Street, Detroit Lakes.

    Interestingly enough, the Charles Maro, of St. Paul, worked as a laborer - and a helper for the "Hasty Tasty Bake Shop".

    1. I have heard of brownies, but never knew what it was. I always assumed it was a bar. These were tough years in Minnesota for employment:)

  4. Two blocks from the Nuss house was Myrtle (later Roberts) and Francis Kandt at 18A Lincoln Avenue. In 1940 US Census, Myrtle was working as a bookkeeper for an auto dealership - presumably the one owned by her father Edward C Kandt.

    This is a story about Myrtle's younger brother - I found it fascinating.

  5. I was wondering about that Brownies. As usual, Iggy is amazing...


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