Friday, September 6, 2013

Photo Number 1333

I am pretty sure Miss M  lived in Detroit Lakes Minnesota at one time, either that or she visited often.  Perhaps her parents lived in Detroit Lakes.

1938 Tamarac This photo is simply marked Tamarac 1938.  I am certain it was taken at Tamarac Lake or possibly even Tamarac Wildlife Refuge which was established in May of 1938.  I might add that it was almost scandalous for women to wear pants.

I think the couple on the right are Miss M’s parents and the other couple are an Uncle and Aunt.  I am allowed to make up any story I like if the photo is not marked!

1938 at Tamarak Cigar

I think that this photo was taken the same day.

1938 at Tamarak Cigar back

1938 at Tamarck ( note cigar in my hand)  I had it in my mouth but Mother wouldn’t take it that way.

She had a sense of humor!

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  1. I would think Miss M was Myrtle D. Kandt Roberts. She lived in Detroit Lakes.

    1. Could be...I am not certain of her name. She calls herself Myself in the photos:)

  2. What a character!


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