Monday, September 9, 2013

Photo Number 1336

I have just a few days of photos left in the Miss M series.

These are all snapshots purchased at the antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.

Jan 1 1939 at Shell Lake

Miss Whomever she is and Charlie.

Jan 1 1939 at Shell Lake back


Jan 1 1939 Taken near Shell Lake.  There used to be a corner near Shell Lake that had three bars.  It was a local “hot” spot complete with a gal named Trixie that used to entertain gentlemen. This photo may have been taken at that corner.

Spring 39 Tamarac


Spring 39 Tamarac back

Spring of ‘39  at Tamarack (Tamarac)

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  1. Miss M is a beautiful woman - I think her "free spirit" and "good humor" make her all the more engaging.

    ...and frustrating in that I can't determine who she was!

    Shell Lake, Tamarac, and Island Lake are all neighboring "ponds". The population there couldn't have been more than several 1000's at most, even in 1939.

  2. Looking at photo 1334, the woman in this photo (1336) looks like Nell.

  3. I found a photo of a CCC camp located in Bena, MN that lists Charles Maro as a member. The photo is a panorama and shows 100 (or so) folks in it with the names listed alphabetically. Charles Maro was not listed in the Minneapolis city directory in 1934-1937, and his wife Nell (Petronella) is shown as a Canadian born. They appear in the city directory of 1939 married to each other. I suspect Charles was familiar with the "land of the lakes" around Shell-Island-Tamarac, and he might have been in the CCC (I looked in the photo but there were so many faces it defeated me). He may have even been a cook.


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