Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Number 1329

To present this series of photos I will have to go back a few years to the year 1937.

All of these photos are from the same antique shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.  I think we will call them M’s photos for now. 

I think she worked or went to business school  in  Downtown Minneapolis.   She lived at 123 South 11 th Street  The Hotel Sheridan is in Minneapolis.

Alice Jinny Addle Verna 1937 Fall

Alice Jinny Addle Verna 1937 Fall back

1937 Fall In front of the apt house where I first lived. 123 So. 11th St.

Alice, Jinny, Addle, Verna

Adeline Verna Alice 1937

Adeline Verna Alice 1937 back

1937 Adeline, Verna, Alice

In 1937 women made on an average$525.00 a year.  Most worked in domestic service (maids, cooks), clerical or teaching jobs and a few were nurses.  Many worked and sent money home to their families.  The depression years were hard years.

I think these gals worked in the clerical field or went to business school, or perhaps they were maids in the hotel.

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  1. They are smart looking young women. Interesting to imagine what their days were like.

  2. Oh to be able to put yourself in their shoes for just a day...

  3. I'm guessing clerical or teaching. Interesting to see the contrast between the two photos. They certainly were their professional-looking best in the first photo, but looked much more comfy in the photo--back home???

  4. I suspect all these ladies were attending the Minnesota School of Business in Minneapolis. They would have been the class of c. 1939-40.


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