Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photo Number 602

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids.

Brother and Sister

Siblings, perhaps a brother and a sister, one is caged and one is free.  Free to stick her hands into the holes in her knees. 

This looks like a photo from the 1950’s.  My Mother used to hang dresses up in the doorway too after they were ironed.

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  1. Looks like the 50s to me. We had a wooden playpen just like that--with that weird hanging, draped toy, too! I was the oldest, so I could have been that girl with the bowl haircut, too! LOL! I was born in 51 and my brother and sister in 54 (not twins), so I'd guess 50s. There was an awful lot of ironing going on back then--LOL!

  2. I grew up in one of those playpens in the 60's, I remember the little hinge would pinch if you caught your hand in it.

  3. The little blonde girl is really cute! She seems happy to have a baby brother/sister!


  4. this is a fun one. i collect photos of twins, pairs, and couples:

  5. Very cute kids. Being an early childhood teacher, though, my focus was on the death-traps of yesterday: strangulation hazards galore! How did we survive? I guess we should be thankful, as I am sure a few children didn't.


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