Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Number 592

This is another photo from the Antique Shop in Park Rapids Minnesota, it is the same family as yesterday.  The photos are on very thin paper..like someone developed them at home and then never mounted them onto cardstock.

Child and a lady PR Antiques


No real clues. Here is another.

Lady and child together PR antiques

This may or may not be the same child. I think it may be the same child as the little girl with the big bow in her hair. Grandmother and Granddaughter seem to have a real connection and it shows in both of these photos.

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  1. Such precious photos. I looked at many old photos in a local antique store yesterday. I think you told me you try to buy them for $3 or less. Most of these were overpriced at between $5 and $10! Mildred

  2. Some of the photos I found of my grandmother's family are like you describe - "flimsy" paper - as if they were to be mounted or plced in an album and never were.

    This woman and child are seriously beautiful.

  3. It is for sure the family is not your poor old country people. To bad there is no name for them.

  4. I'm thinking Mary Cassatt when I look at these. Would each make wonderful paintings.

  5. I love how natural these photos appear. They both look so beautiful and at ease with each other. Gorgeous.

  6. The child looks younger in the second photograph. It's really nice to see some that aren't as posed as many from the period were.


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