Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Number 601

This is another photo from Park Rapids.


A little boy I think. With personality!

Possibly a trio of photos to delight a Grandmother.

Car with  doors

Now we have the little boy and a shadow of the picture taker. Perhaps someone can tell me the year of the car in the background and I will be able to date the photo..I am thinking 1940’s.  What are those kind of car doors called?

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  1. These photos are so very similar to ones of my brother (1948). I have no idea about the car though - perhaps earlier. Hope you guys have a great weekend, Connie. Mildred

  2. Car doors that open "backwards" are called suicide doors, although Rolls Royce calls them "coach doors".

    Post-World War II examples are almost universally the rear doors of four-door cars.

    Going on what little one can see (it's even hard to tell which direction the car is facing!
    LOL!) It is a black car with a dented fender with the front to the left. Perhaps the emblem on the hubcap and running board style with tip someone off.


  3. The front of the car is on the right side of the photo because the door lock is on the right door. I sure hope someone can give this photo a date. I'm guessing the car is from the 1930s.

  4. Ah! you are right Maybelline. Thanks!

  5. My dad thinks this looks like a 1941 Dodge 4-door sedan to him. He says it might be a 1941 Ford Super Deluxe Business Coupe.

    He thinks 1941 anyway... with an outside chance of 1946 when they started making cars again after WWII (and they looked like 1941 models).



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