Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo Number 591

I purchased a number of photos at the Antique Shop in Park Rapids, they are all the same family.  I believe one of the family members may have been a photographer.  They were an upper class family.

1910 maybe PR Antiques

I think we have a Grandma and her daughter and grandchildren. Two boys and a little girl.  We have seen this family before..I have shown at least two other photos.

sitting on logs PR

Photo Number 352


Child on steps PR Antiques

Photo Number 461


And here is a new maid this time just the little girl.

Little Girls on steps PR Antiques

At a different house…or maybe at a different entrance to the same house.  She is very cute with that big old bow in her hair.  I have a few more photos of this family to show you this week.

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  1. They really seemed to like the stair step poses!

    And the undefined outdoors shot which could be just about anywhere!)

  2. lovely old photo's of long ago.So sad they ended up in a antique shop, but how nice they can now be seen around the world.

  3. This is a family of great affluence. Love the big bow on the little one. White dresses and white stockings. That's a lot of scrubbing I'm thinking.

  4. The first one cracks me up. Come on everyone, lets pose with the tree branch. Grandma, just keep backing up, a little more, just a little more, that's perfect you are in the branch now! LOL We have a few of these in our family album. Mom always had some tree or bush that she wanted to showcase and the people seemed to be the afterthought.

  5. That little girl is just precious!

  6. I'd guess the front door and the back door. The one with the nanny is the back door. It reminds me of my Gram's house.


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