Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photo Number 586

This is a photo from the Antique Shop in Detroit Lakes Minnesota.
Neal Barnesberger DL Antiques
The photographer was That Man Gale York Aurora. I found him in 1927 in York and Aurora Nebraska. I would have picked this photo to be a little later than that ..late 1930’s for sure. ( What do I know..perhaps Iggy will find a birth date.)
Neal Barnesberger back DL Antiques
Neal Barnesberger (edited to Bamesberger) 9 months old  Birthday Jan 29.

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Update: Neal left a message..he was born in 1951 so this photo was more than likely taken in 1952. 

Update: Neal already has this photo, so I will not be mailing it out.  


  1. I like the new header!

    GALE, ROBERT G.: Photographer; b. Nov 17, 1871 in Beatrice, Nebraska; son of Charles Fremont Gale and Aldula Garrison; married Pearl L. Monismith Aug 31, 1912 in Lincoln; children: Robert O.; Evelyn M. (Mrs Jack McFarland); In 1912-15 with brother C. W. in Gale Studio, Beatrice: 1916-owner & operator That Man Gale Studio York; 1927-owner & operator studio, Aurora.


  2. Neal Bamesberger appears to be living. I think this neat article about an old tree refers to him.

  3. Thanks Iggy, I followed the link and then went to the Colorado Tree Coalition and sent him an email..we will see what happens next! Thanks for finding a lead! You are awesome:)

  4. I like the header too. I wonder what they dangled in the air to amuse that boy so much.

  5. This is Neal Bamesberger living in Denver, CO. Born 1/29/51. Works at Hudson Gardens, Littleton. He does the Champion Tree Calendar for the Colorado Tree Coalition.

  6. Hi Neal if you email me I will mail you the photo. I think it may have been part of Myrtle Lorraines estate that found it's way to an Antique Shop. Myrtle and her husband had a retirement place at Park Rapids, MN.:0 Connie

  7. Neal already has this photo, so I won't be mailing it out. :)


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