Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Number 595

This is the last photo that goes with the family that we have been looking at the past few days. I am going to follow along with this same photographer..but with different subjects.

outdoor photo about 1910 PR antiques

I believe the lady on the right is the same “Grandma “ that we have seen previously.  None of the other women appear in the other photos as far as I can tell. The women all have the pigeon breasted blouse look and dark skirts.  I thought the young lady with the pig tails looked real perky and happy to be included in the photo with the older ladies, she looks to be about 12 years old to me. I bet that front porch was a great place to sit in the summertime shade. I still think that all these photos were taken around 1910.  None of these photos were marked.

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  1. The young girl does look very chipper. This is a great picture! Mildred

  2. The closer I look, it appears "grandmother" has three (possibly more) daughters (and/or daughter-in-laws) and had special day with all the grandchildren.

    The girl with the bow might be the one in photo 593 - but its hard to tell. :)

  3. The woman in the dark dress doesn't seem comfortable in this group: she is separated from the group by distance and stance as well as clothing. I wonder if she was the girl's nanny.

  4. They are so lovely. What wonderful photos!

  5. The idea of the blog is brilliant. I am fascinated with old photos, I see them as windows to the past. Lovely blog. I have a post on this topic with my grandma when she was young. You are definitely on my blog list. KIsses.


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