Friday, July 8, 2011

Photo Number 588

This is a CdV or Cartes d’ Visite or visiting card. I purchased it at the Antique shop in Royalton Minnesota.

Boothbay Maine Cdv

The Photographer is McDougall in Boothbay Maine.  I  did find a McDougall who was a photographer during the 1917-1918 time period, perhaps his Father was a photographer also.

This photo might be from the late 1890’s..the button up shoes and the pleats around the bottom edge of the dress all say 1890’s to me.  She sure is a cute little girl. 

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  1. One of the sweetest children yet! Mildred

  2. Sometimes I wonder whether people will look back at pictures of my children, and speculate about their clothes and hair and affirm how cute they are after they've already lived their lives and passed on. Will the photos I take today someday find themselves into a great grandchild's basement, and be looked upon with the same faint recognition I give the old family ones my mother pulls out from time to time?

  3. She is one very warmly dressed little girl - I would think the lights in the studio would have been pretty warm.

    Frank H. Mcdougall (alt. Mc Dougal) (b. 09 Oct 1851) married Martha A. Reed on 29 Apr 1886 in Boothbay, Lincoln County, Maine.

    I think your photo dating is pretty spot on and he would have been near "retirement" by 1920. :)


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