Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Number 176

This gal is beautiful, she looks hauntingly like my my niece Stacey.  This photo was taken in 1900.  Ole E Flaten was a Minnesota Photographer who immigrated from Vanders, Norway.  He was in business from 1872 to 1928.  However the year 1900 was the only year he was at this particular address the Cor 4th + Front Streets in Moorhead, Minn.   That is one large bow in her hair!

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  1. She really is lovely. I can imagine the amount of time spent on making these dresses - all the tucks are so tedious - and the ones we have seen are simply gorgeous. Ethereal is the word that comes to mind.

  2. She is so pretty and I admire her tiny waistline.

  3. The bow reminds me of the one my Grandmother had in her hair. I guess it must have looked good from behind the person.


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