Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo Number 167

This photo was taken outside of Ma Morgans in Duluth..this couple might be the Grandma and Grandpa..that would make Ma Morgan.. the Great Grandma..or they could just be a favorite uncle and aunt..or friends..that is some fancy coat.

This is the last photo I have taken outside of the Morgan home.  I will date these photos 1920.  I have seven photos that I can connect with the Morgans..a real treasure trove of old photos if you have none.

Perhaps someday these photos can be returned to their family.
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  1. I like these photos. Snapshots in the everyday life of a family. Looks like a happy baby and one that was loved very much too by that proud look on Grandpa's face.

  2. I am still working on this family, but there are some dead ends. Ma and Pa Morgan, we learned earlier, were John Hamilton's parents. From everything I could tell, J. Hamilton's 1st sister was married & widowed without children, his second sister was not married yet at age 39, which is as far as I could trace her with census, and J Hamilton was married to Ida, but I haven't been able to determine if they had children (none were listed in 1930 census). I have found the death index for Oregon which has J Hamilton's death as 1951, and Ida's as 1954. Both are buried in Williamette National Cemetery in Oregon, due to J Hamilton's time serving as a U.S. Army Corporal in WW 1. As for Edwin, who is the youngest brother of J Hamilton's father, I found him in Duluth (1900), Los Angeles (1910), Chicago (1920). He was still single at age 40--I couldn't find him in 1930. His sister Anna was never married. I will keep digging this case--these pictures had to come from someone! I am sure there is a story to be told! ~Abra

  3. This baby seems to be the same one as in photo 156. Since none of the Morgans have children in the 1930 census, I'm not sure where the baby fits. I haven't found Edwin in 1930 census, so perhaps the baby is his, which would make him quite and old father (married & becoming a father between age 40 & 50--remember, this is still guesswork). The males in the picture sure look like they could be Edwin Morgan and John Hamilton Morgan, though. ~Abra

  4. "and" old father shb "an" old father. ;-)~Abra


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