Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo Number 174

Mother and child, they look happy and relaxed.  This was probably taken sometime around 1910. It is not the best quality photo, and there is no photographs info.  This one is still from the original box of photos that I purchased from an Antique shop in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

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  1. With Mother's Day around the corner, this is a sweet photo to feature. They have such pretty eyes.

  2. I love this one!! So sad that there is no information. I always hope when some photos are identified, family members would also be able to look through your collection and identify a few more unnamed photos. Even if forgotten once, you have recognized their importance in the cycle of life by featuring them here. Have a great Sunday! ~Abra

  3. What a lovely photo and the clothing is beautiful!

  4. they have the same eyes :D
    and the dresses are very beautiful!


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