Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Number 156

I call this one..outside of Ma Morgans.   Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Anyway..back to the hats..these are Cloche hats..they were popular from 1908 to 1933.  Cloche is a French word for bell.  A proper Cloche hat covered the neck in the back and came to the eyebrows in the front.  I am not certain what to date this photo at..1930?

Ma Morgan's House 
Now that I have discovered this is in the background of several other old photos..If we ever locate the Morgan Family..I have a bunch more photos for them. They are not marked with names..just the same house. This house has been speaking to me all this time..I am paying attention now.
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Update: Kathy and Abra think that the first photo is from the 1920's..thanks gals for your input!


  1. I love these flapperish ladies. I am thinking roaring twenties. Now, to figure out how they tie into the Morgan family. I will continue to try to find descendants for this family. I think we will solve this puzzle eventually! ~Abra

  2. I would definitely say the first photo is 1920s rather than '30s (expert that I am!)

  3. My name is Carrie Morgan, I am 30yrs. old and live in London, KY. I have recently began researching my ancestors and in hopes of finding photos of my gg, ggg, and gggg grandparents I stumbled accross this website. Not sure if I am in relation to the people in the photo or could be of any help to you?????

  4. I'd say the snap with the two females and a baby was taken closer to 1925.


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