Sunday, April 11, 2010

Photo Number 160

My Mother and Grandmother wore hats like these in the 1950's.  They just kind of perched on your head..they had two thingys ( hard pieces of covered wire)  that came down and gripped your head..except if you were little and your head was small then they fell off anyway. Often times these hats had bits of netting in the front..very glamorous!
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  1. I remember having one of hose banana like hats that I wore at Easter. Mine was the kid version minus the netting.

  2. I love the swan feature in front of her as well, great photo! :-)

  3. My mom's was black with netting with dots. I thought it was silly back then. I only remember her one hat. I will have to ask my brothers if they remember any others. I have a concrete swan like that to bring home but it is in such bad shape I may not mess with it. Your photo is cool.

  4. I'll bet that poor woman always had her photo taken in front of that swan birdbath. She looks just like, "Here I am again for another pose behind the swan." LOL


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