Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo Number 155

Now we will begin a series of ladies and their hats.  This one seems out of place with the Fur coat.. I will guess that this was taken in the 1940's sometime.  Not many people wear furs anymore..I admired an elderly womans mink coat one day in church..she said " Sweetie, when you have had as many husbands as I have..you deserve a mink."

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  1. Her hat reminds me of those topsy turvey cakes that are popular right now - one side of the crown angled higher than the other. Maybe it's an Easter or church picture and the coat is just to ward off the chill. Certainly looks sunny.

  2. I agree that hat really does not coordinate with her fur. She would be haunted by PETA if she wore that fur now days. Seems awful to me to wear the hides of murdered little animals on your back, but that is just my opinion. It is a lovely 40's type photo otherwise.

  3. And she's showing a little leg, too.

    I read your entire blog last night and researched Lulu (photo 125) until I fell asleep over the laptop. I'm a little obsessed with Lulu.

  4. Kelly, Thanks for stopping by..Good Luck in your Lulu quest! :)

  5. Hi Connie, I love this lady's sporty pose. The hat almost looks like it got sat on!!!

  6. I would love to know about Lulu too. Her photo was found in Orange County, CA if that's any help!


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