Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Number 175

This is Juanita Joy when she was six months old, she was born December 02, 1954.  This photo was taken at Photo Movie Studio 4225 Roosevelt Way  Seattle 5, Wash.   I found the Seattle 5 must have been some help in sorting the mail back then??  This baby is younger than me ..she would be a mere 55 at the present time.
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  1. This is Juanita Joy B. (I have her last name but for privacy am not putting it here. I'll email it to Connie.) She is still living in Washington state and appears to have some children or other relatives, one of whom is named Gidget. At some point in the 90s, the family appears to have relocated to Renton WA, which is relatively close to Seattle. Gidget appears to have gotten married recently as there is an expired wedding page on I don't know how to search for the address or email address, so if Connie in the background you want to turn this over to Abra I bet she can find them, heh.

  2. Norkio, you are getting good at this. I was just gonna say I have her name. I do have a bunch of different addresses she lived at, but not sure what is current, and if "B" is a married name, what her maiden name would be. I will send what I have to Connie via email, and maybe revisit the search later to try to find a phone number, when I have a little more time. ~Abra

  3. She was a beautiful baby! You are all getting quick at discovery! Best wishes.

  4. The "5" was a way to divide larger cities into postal zones - long before zip codes appeared. marlu

  5. Marlu, Thanks for the info on the postal zones! :) Connie


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