Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo Number 169

This is a photo that Norkio/Mrsmarvel  emailed me.  It is a photo taken at Lake Erie, Erie Pennsylvania in 1910-1915.  Her Grandma Pat is one of these girls! She does not know which one.   Can you imagine what a fun day these gals had on the beach?  The knee length suits were very fashionable at that time.  The water or the wind off the water must have been cold..as some of them have what look to be coats or perhaps bath robes on for warmth.

Grandma Pat's Heirloom Recipes or the original social networking can be found at Gram's Recipe Box..a blog which I read everyday! Thanks Norkio for sharing..the photo and your Gram's recipes!
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  1. Modesty first, I know. It just seems so cold to have so many wet clothes on after the swim. It is a really neat photo.

  2. Thanks for the link love!! You know I love your sites too! Mwah.


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