Saturday, October 24, 2009

Photo Number Three

What I know:  Her name is Lucille Davison, her parents were probably Bertha and Floyd.  The photography studio was Barney - St Croix Falls.( Possibly St Croix Falls, Wisconsin)

Is this a graduation photo?  How about ..the late 1940's?  I love the dress..or blouse?  The big lacing up effect ending in a huge bow.  Do you think she is a redhead?   Far Guy said "She could still be alive."  Yes, she could !  Wouldn't it be great if someone began to claim these photos..I can only hope:)
Update: This photo went full circle on July 02, 2010     Full Circle Seven:


  1. I do love the blouse/dress. She very well could be a redhead too. What a thrill if you could make a connection. Thanks for this fun idea.

  2. I wonder if this was taken in the 40s. Her hairstyle kind of reminds me of the the way my mom's hair looked in photos from that time. She could indeed be alive. She does have the look of a strawberry blonde.

  3. When there is a name attached, I pull up my site. Pretty sure this is the right person, but her age would make that picture be in the 30s if it was a graduation type photo. Perhaps she is older in the photo. Who knows? I found Lucille Davison, age 11, in the 1930 census, making her 90 if still alive. She was born in Balsam Lake Wisconsin, to Floyd and Bertha Davison. (Floyd was born in Minnesota, Bertha in Nebraska.) Since the photo in question was taken in St. Croix Falls, it is a pretty sure bet that this is the right person. In 1930, there were two older sisters, 1 younger sister, and five younger brothers(1 set of twins) in the home. They were farmers, father was not a veteran, they could speak English. It looks as if Floyd's father was born in Canada/English(hard to make out, but the census instructions differentiate between Canada French & English). & mother in New York, while Bertha's parents are listed as being born in Germany. There is also an L. Gregg Davison as a neighbor, about six years older, so perhaps a brother or cousin, though it states his father was born in Ohio, so that doesn't quite match--census records aren't always 100% in those types of areas, but it may be no relation, either.

    Since I didn't find a Lucille Davison in the 1920 census, I looked up Floyd. Here is where I think it shows why that picture ended up in your vicinity. Apparently Floyd and Bertha (though listed as Bedelia in 1920)lived in Deer Creek Township, Otter Tail County, and the three girls are listed (Lucille was spelled with one 'l' which is why she didn't show up in my original search). They are neighbors to two other Davison families, which I will assume to be Floyd's parents (Charles born in Canada and Ella born in New York), and Floyd's brother, Asa. All the pieces fit. Perhaps there are still relatives of this family in the area.

    Curiosity always gets the best of me, sooo...
    1910: Floyd is living with his parents and grandparents (Scribners from New York) in Antrim, Wantonwan County, MN). In 1900, I couldn't find him, but I'm sure it is because of spelling. Here's where I will stop looking, just because it isn't even my relative. :-) Can you see how I can get lost in the genealogy, even when it's not puzzle pieces never seem to fall together so neatly, though.


  4. Oh Abra you found lots of information.. I have another Davison Photo for tomorrow..Walt and Esther. You are a doll for sharing the info you found and I do appreciate it!! :)

  5. I check out ancestry every now and then on line, too.

    I've found so many of my ancestors in the census -- but often spelled incorrectly. I don't think those census takers had anything over ACORN. bwaa ha ha ha.

  6. Definitely a graduation photo.

    Thank you for rescuing these photos from the antique shop.

  7. Confungled, A Full Circle photograph is one that I found in an Antique Shop or a Flea market that was identified and it was sent to family members:)

  8. This is my aunt Lucille Davison. She was NOT born in Balsam Lake! She was born 12-18-1918 in Deer Creek Minnesota. Died 4-12-2012 in Seattle. Her parents were Floyd Davison and Bertha Voge.


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