Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Number Five

From Werner To Otto
This is a tiny little photo, 1 1/2 inch by 1 1/4 inch.   The entire card only measures 4 inches by 2 3/4 inches.
Possibly a card made to trade at school??   From Werner to Otto is written in pencil on the back.
He looks to be about ten years old, all dressed up in his Sunday best.  I have two is ten and one is eight..the ten year old likes to dress up in a suit and tie!  This photo made me think of I will guess that he is around ten years old.. as to when this photo was taken.. maybe 1910??

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  1. Fun to see him all dressed up and I love his hairstyle.

  2. He looks a little mischievous to me. A typical boy dressed up nice, but with his hair messed up. Hair parted down the middle was pretty common around that era too.

  3. Cute kid--I agree with Rae: he looks a bit mischievous.

    Do you think these photos were all from the same origin, or are they randoms? The Davison pictures (Lucille-3- and Walter & Esther-4-)seem to have connections to Ottertail county, so I did a little census sleuthing (a favorite hobby) in the 1910 census for Otter Tail County. In Leaf Lake Township, which is about 8 miles from Deer Creek Township, as the crow flies, according to the map I looked at, I was able to find a 10 year old boy named Otto Haugen(family # 4) and a 10 year old boy named Werner Benti (family # 17). Do you have any Benti or Haugen surnames on any of your old photos? I know this is not quite as good of a match as the Davison pics, but since these two boys lived close to each other, they may have attended the same school, explaining the picture exchange. Of course, we don't really know the date on the picture, for sure either. I am having way too much fun with this...I should go get my own pictures. :-D ~Abra

  4. No, Abra you should just concentrate on mine!! It is so good to hear from you almost every day! I have no other photos marked Davison..that I am aware of. I have a slug of photos, from two different antique shops. No Benti or Haugen on any of the photos..I do have an Ed Morgan, and a Hamilton..and some misc first names.
    I had a (spooky) feeling when I looked at photo number one, then three and four..I was imagining that all the women looked related... I have no idea if these are from two families or more or bits and pieces here and there.
    I have a blog reader that is going to mail me some of his old photos, that he can't identify, but can't throw away either. It is fun! If you get your own pictures you have to do a blog about them too!! :)

  5. You know, I thought the two brides looked related, as well. Perhaps we'll figure it out some day, when I have more sleuthing time. Since Walter is Lucille's uncle, we will hope Esther is not also related to Lucille--no kissing cousin stuff allowed. ;-P

    As far as a blog, I was going to write about an 1840s autograph album I have had in my possession since my teen years. It includes some civil war letters and I have done a bit of sleuthing about it. Seeing this forgotten photos blog, I almost think I may be able to morph the blog topic in to a full fledged research project, with that and a few other finds I've had. It will have to wait until I can get my computers working correctly--I can't download my pics right now. :-( ~Abra


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