Sunday, October 25, 2009

Photo Number Four

Meet the Davison's  Walt and Esther, they were married on November 04, 1920.   This photo comes from Raven Studio, Wadena, Minnesota.   How do you suppose they are related to Lucille from Photo Number Three who had her photo taken in Wisconsin?  *** Abra found out that Lucille is Walt's Niece.

The flowers look to be roses and mums,  the bride has on a beautiful necklace..I imagine that it is an Angel with it's wings spread.  Is it worth noting that the groom has no flower on his lapel, but he does have a very sporty looking bow tie:)
Update: This photo went full circle on July 02, 2010  Full Circle Seven:


  1. So, what color might her dress be? I was thinking perhaps a sky or dusty blue.

    Relationship: I ran across Walter yesterday in my census search; he is the slightly younger brother to Floyd, making him Lucille's uncle. He also ended up in Wisconsin by 1930. Using the 1930 census numbers, I will project Walt was 25 at marriage, while Esther was 19. I found it interesting that the couple also ended up having a set of twins (as did Floyd).


  2. What a strong-looking man Walter was with such finely chieseled features. The roses in her bouquet are very beautiful.

  3. When you think of all the photo manipulation that is possible to do today, they did an amazing job with very little back then.


  4. Abra, I was thinking blue also..with the flowers being pale pink roses and white mums. However it was 1920..and it might have been a shade of brown.
    Thanks for the update on the relationship to Lucille!
    Mildred, He does exude strength doesn't he.
    Jen, It is amazing..I can tell when a photo has been touched up..I can zoom in on the pixels and that is very interesting! :)

  5. This is Walter Davison and Esther Voge. The Lucille referred to is their Niece Lucille Davison. Walt was the younger brother of Lucille's father, Floyd Davison, and Esther was the younger sister of Lucille's mother, Bertha Voge.


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